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Apr 09 2010

How to register your Mexican cel phone

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If you have a Mexican cell phone (Telcel, Movistar) that you activated before April 2009, it will probably stop working on April 10th unless you register it with the new national registry of mobile phone users (RENAUT). Since April 2009 new phones (actually the sim cards in them) have been registered at the time they were activated, so they’re OK. Older phones have had a one-year grace period to get registered, that year expires on 10 April 2010. It’s important to register older numbers before then if you want to continue using them.

Read the instructions at Registering a Mexican cellphone with RENAUT – San Felipe Life.

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Dec 03 2009

Couple make porn films to finance dream wedding in Cancun

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A BRITISH couple struggling to afford their dream wedding have made porn films in order to finance the venture.

Lisa Brand, 34, and Tommy Barnes, 36, from Macclesfield, Cheshire, have already earned more than $2000 from three X-rated movies.

They plan to make four more to raise cash for a beach ceremony in Cancun, Mexico, next June.

The pair, who have four children, have played a photographer and lingerie model who strip for sex, and also appeared in a threesome and spanking scene.

via Porn to pay for dream wedding Weird News – The Mercury – The Voice of Tasmania.

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Jun 21 2009

Mexico spreads a welcome mat of bargains and incentives

From “Travel” Magazine

Officials hope to convince tourists that travel there is now safe

TULUM, Mexico – The last time Bud Olson visited Mexico, he ended up in a hospital with kidney stones and missed the ancient Mayan ruins in the seaside town of Tulum. So when he heard that swine flu was sweeping through Mexico just weeks before he was to return this year, the 43-year-old Seattle resident and his friends threw all caution to the warm Caribbean breezes and went anyway.

His reward? No lines, great service, empty beaches –- and lower prices.

“There was no one at our resort,” said Olson’s friend, Penny Moeller, 44. “The service was spectacular. But it’s a shame for the economy.”

Some of the promotions being advertised:

Flu-free guarantee: Several hotel chains in Cancun are offering a free vacation a year for three consecutive years if guests come down with swine flu within 14 days of their departure and can produce the blood tests to prove it.

Free insurance: Mexico City is offering tourists free health insurance.

Package deals: Expedia Inc. says average price of vacation packages to Cancun in which a flight and hotel are booked together has dropped 26 percent compared to last summer.

Continue reading.

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May 31 2009

Now you need a passport to visit Cancun

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St Cloud Times by Lisa Schwarz

The rules for fishing trips to Canada, beachcombing in Cancun and cruising the Caribbean change on Monday. Starting June 1, U.S. citizens returning from any foreign nation will need passports or other secure ID — passport cards, Enhanced Driver’s Licenses (which aren’t available in Minnesota) or “trusted traveler” cards — to cross back into the United States. The exceptions are few: travelers younger than 16, some cruises and some group travel.

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May 31 2009

Travel bargains in Cancun

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Dallas News by Tom Parsons,

Travelers who want to go south of the border will find some great deals. The government has lifted its advisory against nonessential travel to Mexico, and it’s a good time for bargain hunters to visit.

We checked other Mexico air-hotel package prices, based on double occupancy, for travel in mid-July. Sample prices include $411 per person for travel to Puerto Vallarta with stays at the Fiesta Americana and $419 per person for travel to Cancún with stays at the Hilton Cancún Golf & Spa Resort. The above rates included all taxes and fees. Rates are typically cheapest for Monday through Thursday flights in both directions.

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May 31 2009

Armonia Yoga Center

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Buddha Wood CarvingArmonia, Calle Quetzal number 4, in the hotel zone. Gabriela Ortiz opened this yoga center in October of 2004. Classes are offered mornings and evenings in exceptionally peaceful surroundings. The yoga salon looks out on Laguna Nichupté, and is situated directly behind the shops of Plaza Quetzal on Boulevard Kukulcan. Yoga classes for kids aged 5 to 9 are held on Wednesday afternoons. Armonia has an excellent supply of mats and support materials on hand. Telephone: 883 22 40.

Photograph by Anita Brown

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May 30 2009

Cut-rate deals lure tourists back to Cancun

By Chris Gray Faust, USA TODAY

In Cancun, most hotels and resorts are offering packages and deals to boost occupancy rates that dropped as low as 20% in early May. The bargains seem to be having an effect: The occupancy rate for Cancun’s hotel zone rose to 43% over Memorial Day weekend, but those numbers are still far from the 85% posted at the same time in 2008.

“Our main concern is to bring back the airlines,” says Jesus Almaguer, CEO of the Cancun Convention & Visitors Bureau. While several American carriers cut their capacity, large European tour operators such as Thomas Cook canceled all trips until this past week — leading Cancun to lose an estimated $20 million every five days for much of May, Almaguer says.

Besides increasing airlift, the Cancun visitors bureau has been filming testimonials from visitors already in Mexico, hoping that word of mouth will entice last-minute summer bookings. Europeans have long booked holidays with little lead time; since the economic downturn last year, Americans and Canadians have adopted similar patterns, Almaguer says.

“We expect the numbers to get higher by July,” he says.

Go to original in USAToday.

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May 28 2009

Earthquake off Honduras felt in Cancun

We woke up to the bed shaking before dawn this morning and wondered WTF was happening. Now we know. An earthquake!

Powerful quake strikes off Honduras

Shacks collapse in Honduras and Belize. But no injuries are immediately reported. A tsunami warning is canceled.

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (AP) — A strong earthquake struck early today off the coast of Honduras, collapsing shacks in Honduras and Belize and sending people running into the streets in their pajamas as far away as Guatemala City. No injuries or deaths were immediately reported.

The magnitude-7.1 quake struck at 3:24 a.m. at the relatively shallow depth of 6 miles, according to the U.S. Geological Survey in Golden, Colo. The epicenter was 80 miles northeast of La Ceiba, Honduras, and 200 miles from the capital, Tegucigalpa.

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