Apr 22 2011

Authorities remove 8 tigers, 2 jaguars from ‘unsafe’ Cancun private zoo

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(AP) A decades-long battle by a big-cat aficionado to hold on to his menagerie apparently ended Thursday when Mexican authorities seized eight tigers and two jaguars.

Jose Juarez Gil, who calls himself “Pepe Tiger,” has been battling allegations from private and government groups that animals suffered under his care from inadequate food, space and veterinary care.

The cats “did not have dignified or respectful treatment, and the conditions they were being held in were unsafe,” the Attorney General’s Office for environmental protection said in a statement.

It did not say what the unsafe conditions were, but in November one of the tigers escaped its cage and mauled a man, who later recovered.

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Apr 21 2011

Cancun celebrates 41st birthday with a parade of Mexico’s regional costumes

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Cancun celebrates 41st birthday with a parade of Mexico's regional costumes Photo by Anita Brown

Cancun celebrates 41st birthday with a parade of Mexico's regional costumes Photo by Anita Brown

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Apr 20 2011

Cancun beaches hit the spot with Mexicans and other Latino tourists

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Apr 03 2011

Intense security precedes Cancun drug summit

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Major reinforcements have been added to the usual tight security that prevails in the Cancun Hotel Zone this weekend in anticipation of the 38th International Drug Control Conference.

Elements of the Presidential, Federal Preventive Police, and State and municipal police forces have taken up positions on Paseo Kukulcan, the palm-lined boulevard that stretches all along the narrow island. Mobile towers with cameras have been placed at strategic locations in addition to roadblocks and stepped up patrols.

The 120-nation conference will be held Feb. 5-7 at the JW Marriot Casa Magna.

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Apr 01 2011

An offer so great, you’ll think she’s April Foolin’

An aerial view of La Vía Laktea, Luxury Beach Cabañas, Tulum, Riviera Maya

An aerial view of La Vía Laktea, Luxury Beach Cabañas, Tulum, Riviera Maya. Click for full-size image.

Bambú Kessler reports from Tulum: “Here’s an offer so great, you’ll think we’re April Foolin’. We have a few nights open during Easter Week at La Vía Laktea Luxury Beach Cabañas in Tulum on the Riviera Maya, so we are starting our low season discount a little early this year. Effective immediately, all reservations — including Easter  — are being taken at the SPECIAL low season rate until July 15. Ocean-front upper $153. Ocean-front lower $135. Jungle-view $85.


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Mar 22 2011

New research shows extent of Native American land management long before Columbus

(Waco, Texas) A new study by Baylor University geology researchers published in Geology shows that Native Americans’ land use nearly a century ago produced a widespread impact on the eastern North American landscape and floodplain development several hundred years prior to the arrival of major European settlements.

Researchers attribute early colonial land-use practices, such as deforestation, plowing and damming with influencing present-day hydrological systems across eastern North America. Previous studies suggest that Native Americans’ land use in eastern North America initially caused the change in hydrological systems, however, little direct evidence has been provided until now.

The Baylor study found that pre-European so-called “natural” floodplains have a history of prehistoric indigenous land use, and thus colonial-era Europeans were not the first people to have an impact on the hydrologic systems of eastern North America. The study also found that prehistoric small-scale agricultural societies caused widespread ecological change and increased sedimentation in hydrologic systems during the Medieval Climate Anomaly-Little Ice Age, which occurred about 700 to 1,000 years ago.

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Oct 04 2010

Jules Siegel’s reporting from Cancun now featured on CancunAndRiviera.com

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(PRWEB) Tim Sissel’s Cancun and Riviera Maya websites are among the area’s highest ranking sites because of their up-to-the-minute news and information posted by local resident and frequent visitors. In addition to the hugely popular forum sections, Sissel is now featuring entertaining and informative coverage by celebrated journalist Jules Siegel (Playboy, Esquire, Rolling Stone) who has lived and worked in Cancun with his family since 1983.

Siegel (author of the Cancun User’s Guide, first published in 1995 and now in its fifth edition) has no problems speaking out honestly on some touchy subjects. His latest story is “The straight poop on using drugs in Cancun, Mexico”. He reports, “A concerned reader, who understandably wishes to remain anonymous, writes: “I know about the new drug law in DF. But I’ve received conflicting information about its effect on tourists in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. I don’t know if I would get in trouble smoking a joint on the beach, on my patio at the Royal Resorts, or any hotel in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, or while having a beer at Calypso’s (good cantina at Plaza Parilla). So, what’s the story, both de jure, and de facto?”

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Aug 25 2010

Mexico tourism booming despite world economic decline

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Mexico’s Tourism Sector Sees Tremendous Growth Despite a Lagging World Economy

MEXICO CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The number of international tourists reaching Mexico by air experienced a 35.2 percent increase in June 2010 compared with the same month last year marking an impressive first half of the year for the Mexico tourism industry.

During the same period, 818,278 tourists from different nationalities visited Mexico, versus 605,435 who visited in June 2009. Of those, some 573,016 travelers arrived by air from the United States, representing a 23.7 percent growth over June 2009. Even more impressive are the 41,184 tourists that arrived from Canada; 21,322 more than in June 2009 – a whopping increase of 107.4 percent.

“We feel these numbers are evidence of the strength and quality of Mexico’s destinations,” said Mexico Secretary of Tourism Gloria Guevara. “Despite all that’s going on in the world today, the traveler knows he or she can come to Mexico and find unique vacation experiences offering not only our famous sun and beach destinations, but the chance for archeological, culinary and artistic experiences as well. Mexico is the only place on the earth where you can experience all that in a single trip.”

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